News & Resources Posts

The home page shows all of the latest news posts by members. You can view posts by scrolling through them in date order, or by selecting the group or section name from the main menu.

The home page doesn’t include Resources (programme ideas) posts though – this is kept separate so as to give the news the full attention of the front page. To view posts in the Resources section, just select a category from the menu. You can also find Resources or news posts by-

  • Using the search facility on the main menu.
  • Clicking a link from the ‘Tag Cloud’ or the categories list on the right hand menu bar.
Adding a Public Post

Click ‘Post’ from the ‘New’ menu at the top of the screen. Enter your post and post title. Use the toolbar to format your text, insert links etc.

Categories – Tick the categories that apply to your post – your group name and section will be ticked by default. Tick any other category that your post applies to (another group, if it’s a joint camp for example). If your post is purely an activity idea though, for example, untick your group name and tick ‘Resources’ and the section(s) which the idea would apply to (also tick any of the Resources sub-categories your post applies to, ‘Meetings’, ‘Camps’ etc.). Some categories will only be available to particular people (DC’s Blog for example).

Any posts under the Resources categories won’t be displayed on the main page, but will appear in the Resources section.

Tags – Enter tags for your post separated by commas, then click Add. Please re-use existing tags where possible (tags will appear as you type), as this will help when searching.

To feature an image with your post on the main page, click ‘Set featured image’ and select ‘Upload Files’ to upload from your PC or device. Please keep featured images to a maximum of 200 x 100 pixels, 72dpi though. You can also insert images into the body of your post by clicking ‘Add Media’.

You can also add other items to your post –

  • A countdown to an existing event from the District Diary. Click on the stopwatch icon, and select the event.
  • A list of events from the District Diary. Click on the icon with the four blue squares, select the View type and enter the date range.
  • A clipping of a webpage, including the title, first couple of lines of the page, a thumbnail image and the link. Just click on the eye icon and enter the webpage URL (http:// etc). Please note, the page must be publicly accessible for this to work.