Other Features

@southleics-scouts.org.uk Email Address / Alias

You can have an email account with the District domain, either for yourself or for your group – just email admin@southleics-scouts.org.uk with your details. Alternatively, you can have an alias – emails sent to you@southleics-scouts.org.uk will be forwarded to your own email account.

Adding A Link To The Links Database

Just select ‘Add New Link’ from the links menu, fill in the site name and web address. Links will be added after they’ve been moderated. Only registered members have access to add new links.

Additional Categories – Visible or Private

New categories can be set up if people would find it useful, including categories that only particular people can post with. For example, if there was a big District event and the organiser wanted to have a category specifically for posting news.

Private categories can also be set up to enable posts to be visible only to particular people.  For example, if all of the Cub Leaders wanted to share news that they wanted only other Cub Leaders to see, or if all of the members of Gilmorton that were registered wanted to share news with each other that they didn’t want the rest of the District / world to see. Just email admin@southleics-scouts.org.uk with the details of what the category should be and who should be in the grouping allowed to view the posts. Once set up, ensure to only select that category for those posts though.

Group / Section Pages – Visible or Private

Groups or sections can also have specific public pages set up, for example, with group contact details or regular meeting place information that they would like to be shared for parents to be able to see. Again, these can either be made visible to the whole world, or only to particular registered members or groups of members.

If you have a public Facebook page for your group, we can add a feed of its contents to your page on the website.

Group / Section Diary – Visible or Private

Diaries can be set up for Groups or Sections, if they would like to have their own events listing. This can be made visible to the whole world, or only to whoever the group wanted to be able to see it. If it were made private, only group members would be able to add new events to it and view it.

Mixing Private with Public Content

Any content that is made visible to only particular people can still be given public categories – the content will still only be visible to the people you want it to be visible to. That goes for posts and events.

For any of the above, or if there is a feature that you would like to see on the site, just email admin@southleics-scouts.org.uk, and I’ll see what I can do 🙂 Ceri – Site Caretaker