Data Retention Policy


Data retention policy

We (South Leicestershire District Scout Council) may keep information for different periods of time for different purposes as required by law or best practice. Our data retention schedule (below) summarises this. We make sure we store personal data in accordance with the GDPR and DPA 2018, and as detailed in our Data Privacy Notice. As far as membership information is concerned, to make sure of continuity (for example if you leave and then re-join) and to carry out our legal responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people, The Scout Association keeps your membership information throughout your membership and after it ends; The Scout Association makes sure they store information securely. Only those role holders who need membership information to carry out their role have access to that information.

Notification of Adult for training To notify the adult of training that they are required to undertake following their appointment Data is kept for 12 months after the contact has been made.
Arranging validation meeting Contacting the individual to arrange validation meeting and agreeing personal development plan. Data is kept 12 months after the date of the validation meeting. 
Training record To establish a Personal Learning Plan for their role, and to act as a permanent record of all training undertaken. Data is kept for 12 months after the contact has been made.
Adult volunteers joining To facilitate adults in joining the Scout Association, undertaking a role in the District and to carry out our responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people. Data is kept for the lifetime of the membership + 2 months after the Adult Volunteer leaves a role in South Leicestershire District.

Data may be retained indefinitely with The Scout Association for safeguarding.

District meetings (incl. Executive, Council and AGM) Adult volunteer personal details are shared during communications from the District Secretary District Executive minutes and AGM minutes are kept as a paper copy for up to 2 years and electronically for 10 years
Ullesthorpe Campsite bookings To make and secure bookings, to process payment, to receive feedback on use of campsite, to notify of future campsite developments For 2 years after the end of the month of the booking