Important Changes at Ullesthorpe Campsite

Over the past 12 months, the campsite committee has been working very hard to ensure that the campsite has continued to function and provide a fun, safe and secure environment for all users of the facilities. We have also been introducing a number of improvements such as providing catering equipment for the kitchens, fencing the bridleway, felling trees and putting sinks outside the Goodacre Centre.

One key change that we are now making is how the booking system works.

From now on, any group wishing to use any of the site’s facilities, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor area (e.g. Campfire Circle), will be able to check on the website ( ) whether those facilities are free and then submit a booking request by email.

We are no longer able to accept phone or postal bookings.

Please note that even the facilities that don’t incur a charge incur a charge (e.g. Campfire Circle), will still need to be booked.

Regular users (Claybrooke & Ullesthorpe, Explorers, Broughton Astley and Network) will have their usual meeting room pre booked (The Goodacre) but nothing else.

Bookings that have already been made have been transferred onto the new system, but shown as provisional until payment has been made.

Once a booking has been confirmed, arrangements will be made to gain access to the booked facilities.

Please bear with us as we introduce this new method of booking, it will obviously take some getting used to, but should hopefully make booking of the campsite’s facilities an easier process in the long run.


Another significant change is the entrance to the site.

We have now provided a wider gateway to make it easier and safer for vehicles to enter and leave at busy times. This has also involved changing the one-way system so that it is now a conventional ‘keep left’ arrangement that makes better use of the car park. The former exit avenue is now reserved for coach parking etc.


We have also set up a static caravan to the side of the car park. This is a three-bedroomed, heated unit connected to gas, water and electricity, which will be used for overnight accommodation for volunteer wardens and families.

Other recent changes include providing trolleys to assist with moving camping equipment, moving the woodpile to a location more convenient for both camping fields and siting a storage container, near the caravan mainly for District and site equipment.

Nic Rowe,

Campsite Chairman.