OSM Parent Portal – Adding A Child To Your Leader Account

If you’re a leader with an existing OSM leader’s account (that you use to manage your section) and you have children in other sections in the same group, you can add them to your leader’s account, see the programme, sign-up for events etc. as you would do via the Parent Portal.

All you need to do is –

Login to your existing OSM leader’s account.

Click the link in any email sent to you by your other child’s leader (whether it’s to the programme, events, event sign-up or whatever – if you haven’t got a recent email, ask your child’s leader to send you an email with a link to the system).

As long as the email address of your leader’s account is the same as under your child’s details, you should now see ‘My Child’ / ‘My Children’ in the OSM menu.

If you had previously created a separate Parent Portal account, when you click the link, you may be asked if you’re sure you want to add your child to your leader’s account.