Welcome to southleics-scouts.org.uk!

Welcome to the District website. Things are almost all ready to go. I’ve separated the news posts from the ‘resources’ posts, so as to give the news the full attention of the front page. Members can add both news and resources posts – you just need to select the categories for the post. News posts are either under the members’ group and section name (selected by default), or a custom category (Spencer has his own “DC’s Blog” category for e.g.). Resources posts are under any of the Resources categories. When you use the search facility or click a link in the ‘Tag Cloud’ it will apply to both News and Resources posts – the separation is only for the main page.

Have a read through the “Members’ How to Guide” pages. If you can think of any feature that isn’t on this site that you think would be useful, let me know 🙂