SF 2018 – New Date – 8th-10th June

The new date for Soaring Fox 2018 is the 8th-10th June. This is based on the campsite availability, staff availability and being as close as logistically possible to the original date. Please could you communicate this to your Scouts & Explorers as soon as possible (bearing in mind there is only one week before the Easter holiday).

If you have Scouts / Explorers who cannot attend the new date –
– If you’re able to fill their place(s) with your own Scout(s)/Explorer(s), so much the better. Please ask those filling the places to pay their camp fees to those who they are replacing. Please also send me a health form for the replacement Scout(s)/Explorer(s).
– If you’re not able to fill their place(s), we will issue a full refund. Please let me know who the refund cheque(s) should be made payable to.

Please let Ceri know of any Scouts/Explorers not able to attend / any refunds needed by the 8th April.

If you have Scouts/Explorers who are able to attend the new date who weren’t able to attend previously, who you would like to add to existing teams, please send me their camp fees and health forms. Plus, if you have additional teams who could take part, please let me know and I will place them on a waiting list – in the event that we have teams drop out through not being able to attend, I’ll let you know (on a first come, first served basis).

Please let Ceri know of any additions / prospective new teams by the 20th May.