St. George’s Weekend – A Few Numbers

I’ve just got a few numbers to summarise our fabulous St.Georges weekend;

£537.22 was donated to Cancer Research.

7 Young Leaders / Explorers ran activities on the field in addition quite a few more came along with their sections!
14 Leaders, Youth Commissioners and Network members supported the scouting at home activities either on the technical side, running workshops / discussions or recording activity videos.
27 Leaders and Adult volunteers were at the campsite for varying amounts of time, from running activites to managaging traffic in the carpark.
311 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers visited the campsite over the weekend, supported by 67 Leaders, adult volunteers and young leaders.
Within the planner and organiser numbers at least 10 are Youth Commissioners and Network members … it is so good to see so many younger adults using ideas from the section forums to create events and memories for the younger sections. #YouthShaped #SkillsForLife 😀⚜
Thank you to everyone who was able to get involved – a brilliant team effort.