Soaring Fox – Sadly postponed

It is with a very heavy heart indeed that I have to tell you Soaring Fox has had to be postponed.

The campsite was visited yesterday for a last minute check and it was found to be under several inches of water. Previous site visits had identified the ground was soft and boggy in certain places, but the ground conditions have not allowed the recent snow melt and heavy rain to drain away. The organisers have come to the decision that camping in such conditions would not be tenable. The past two days have been spent searching for alternatives, such as sleeping in village halls and Scout huts. The logistics of transporting the participants between all of those places, even when they’d been secured, was found to be too much for the remaining time we have before the weekend though.

The ground conditions along the route were also found to be beyond what we would consider to be challenging for Scouts. We want Scouts and Explorers to push themselves, but not to the point that they don’t want to take part in future events.

The weather forecast for the weekend has also fluctuated from reasonable to extreme, giving us further concern for the safety of the participants, leaders and event staff.

Please believe me that this has not been an easy decision, and (after the hours / days / weeks spent organising it) is certainly not one we take lightly. It has been taken both on the grounds of safety and the desire to maintain the standards of the event.

We will be meeting (hopefully within the next week) to arrange a replacement date in the near future. Should any participants not be able to take part on the new date, we will issue them a full refund.

Updates will be posted on the SF website –